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Whip Whip 2013



Astaroth was founded in 2008 by guitarist Max Engvik and former vocalist Christoffer Skogen.

In 2009 3/5 of the band was changed as Andreas Wærholm, Carl Engstrøm and Øyvind Kvalvaag joined the band.

We went in studio to record Chaosatanas in the autumn the same year. Due to complications of various sorts, the album was quite delayed, and in late 2011 (after having played at the Inferno festival in Oslo) Chris quit the band. So we had to bring in another vocalist and rerecord the vocals. Kent Are Sommerseth got the job and recorded the vocals in 2012.

And now we are finally ready to release it. And if you like the songs you hear, you can look forward for more releases, because while we waited for this release, we just continued writing songs and have enough material for one and a half full lenght album.

This new material is a little more experimental, and we have already included two of the new songs in our liveset.

As a contribution to the development, we decided to bring in a third guitarist, Ådne Lyngstad Nilsen, which allows us to add even more details to the soundscape.



Max Engvik - guitar

Andreas Wærholm - guitar

Carl Engstrøm - drums

Øyvind Kvalvaag - bass