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Polypus Records - Extreme metal label
Polypus Records is a new extreme metal record label hailing from Norway.
It was born in the fall of 2013 by members of Troll, Whip, Astaroth and Attentat.

Screw the porn industry! Now we’re in charge of sadomasochistic rites of darkness.

As an underground extreme metal provider, we work very hard for very little,
so we ask for your support to help these hard working artists survive in the industry.
Please be so kind and donate from the depths of your black hearts.
Your donations will make your future better!

Polypus Records is a green record label.
Which means all releases and promo material will be distributed digitally.
We also encourage our listeners to buy our releases online.
Go green with death-loving black thrash!

Polypus Records